Help with Moana TV

Frequently Asked Questions

MoanaTV works over Bluesky’s Broadband network. This being the case, in order for a customer to receive MoanaTV, they must be within the coverage of our Broadband network but they do not necessarily need to have an existing Broadband connection.

You can easily set the parental controls for your Moana TV channels with your remote, limiting what your children can watch.  First you will need to setup your parental control pass code following these steps:

 Press Menu on your MoanaTV Remote

  1. Select Setting
  2. Select Parental
  3. Select Change Pin
  4. Enter the Reset Pin (0000)
  5. Enter your new 4digit Pin
  6. Re-Enter New Pin
  7. Press OK to Save


Once you have successfully set up your parental code pass, you can select the channels to lock, using your remote again and following these steps:

  1. Press Menu on Remote
  2. Select Setting
  3. Select Parental
  4. Select Edit Lock Channels
  5. Enter Passcode
  6. Select Channels to be locked
  7. Press blue button on remote to Save

Repeat the above steps, for the next channel you want to lock.

You can upgrade your Moana TV plan or  add a premium channel  by contacting our service center by email or dialing *722 to request the change made to your Moana TV plan.  You must be the primary account holder authorized to make any changes to your Moana TV plan.


Trouble Calls?


If you are having problems with your cable service, please call *722 from your Bluesky mobile or 699-2759.

Trouble calls?

If you’re having problems connecting with your WiFi pass call *311 from your Bluesky phone or 699-2759