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AST Telecom LLC trading as Bluesky Communications is the leading telecommunications and network service provider for mobile, cable TV and internet in the United States Territory of American Samoa. Bluesky has been in operation in American Samoa since 1999 and celebrated its 21st year anniversary in July 2020. The company became part of the ATH Group in February 2019.

There are two main entities of the company that offer various telecommunications services within the territory of American Samoa: AST Telecom and American Samoa Entertainment (ASE).

Bluesky is American Samoa's own since 1999


Bluesky continues to be the leading mobile, cable TV and internet service provider in the territory.  Through continued investment and upgrades to the network, Bluesky offers a range of solutions to meet personal, business, and digital life needs.  This is made possible through its fixed-line and wireless access networks which utilizes next-generation transport network technology to provide high-speed connectivity for customers.

Mobility solutions are delivered through a 4G+ network which provides coverage to around 93% of the population.  This 4G+ network is capable of delivering speeds of up to 150 Mbps and plans in place to further increase this.  Cable TV and residential broadband services are currently being delivered through a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network covering around 65% of homes.  The company also embarked on a capital expenditure initiatives that will modernize and upgrade technologies around these residential services.

Bluesky offers various business solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the business community.  These include Fiber to the X (FTTX), dedicated international circuits, infrastructure, and software as a service (IaaS and SaaS) solutions and technical support in the form of professional services.  Bluesky continues to develop solutions in the ICT sector to enable and empower businesses in American Samoa.

Our People

Our People

Bluesky employs approximately 100 staff members across its various departments who have a key focus of providing the best customer service and technological services to its customers and the community. Bluesky continually strives to be an Employer of Choice in the territory with a commitment to provide equal employment opportunities to the people of Am. Samoa where they in turn can support their immediate and extended families, the local community and economy.

The Bluesky team is comprised of talented staff members of diverse ethnic, gender, educational, and professional backgrounds which lends to the company’s strength and competitive edge within the local marketplace. Currently, the Bluesky workforce is made up of 52% male and 48% female employees, while the management team is comprised of 54% female and 46% male managers.

Bluesky embraces a collaborative team-based approach to develop, implement and maintain employee programs that fosters our Core Values and provides proactive, efficient and employee-focused service delivery in areas of recruitment, training and development, employee relations, performance management and benefits.

Throughout the 2020 fiscal year, Bluesky employees have gained valuable professional experiences and knowledge through a wide variety of training and development opportunities. These include work attachments to Vodafone Fiji and Vodafone Samoa counterparts, participation in the Pacific Island Telecommunications Association (PITA) and Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conferences, Project Management certification, First Aid/CPR AED certifications through the American Heart Association, technical trainings by PITA and vendors, and soft skills trainings facilitated through e-learning or in person professional trainers such Leadership & Supervisory Training and Time Management.

As a telecommunications company based in a US territory, Bluesky employees also go through a series of trainings to ensure compliance with mandates by the US Federal Communications Commission and US Labor Laws annually.

Our Leadership Team

Community Involvement

Since the establishment of the company, Bluesky continues to be a company of and for the American Samoa community through its various partnerships and sponsorships. Bluesky has contributed more than $1 million since 1999 in support of American Samoa’s cultural, educational, technological advancement, youth and many other community programs and initiatives. Current partnerships include the Boys & Girls Club, Pacific Islands Foundation, Army Pays, National Marine Sanctuary, and Marine Wildlife Services.

Past years sponsorships and partnerships have included the Rotary Club Community Swimming Pool, June Jones Football Foundation, Miss American Samoa, Am. Samoa Flag Day festivities, SOFIAs, Tisa’s Annual Tattoo Festival, Samoana Jazz Festival, Hope House, the Lions Club, the Shriners Club, Hope House, American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition, Lyndon B Johnson Hospital Pediatric Ward and Dialysis Unit, the American Samoa National Olympic Committee and the Magic Circus of Samoa.

Contribution to Youth and Education

Bluesky is also very supportive of youth development in American Samoa. Over the years, Bluesky has sponsored multiple events hosted through the American Samoa Department of Education such as the Territorial Spelling Bee, Annual Speech Festivals, Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Fairs, and various career days at local high schools, the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), the Pacific Islands Foundation (PIF) and Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, Bluesky partners with the American Samoa Government to employ young adults through its Summer Youth Employment Program and Workbased Learning Program. Bluesky has also been an active partner with various educational school-to-work programs with the Nuuuli Vocational Technical High School and the American Samoa Community College providing students real world experiences in their careers of interest.

Since 2014, Bluesky has supported selected students who are considered the best and brightest graduates from local high schools through its very own ‘Bluesky’s Future of American Samoa Scholarship’ program. These scholarships provide financial assistance to these students as they continue to pursue their educational degrees at the local ASCC or at a university in the US.

To further promote awareness in telecommunications and technology amongst the youth, Bluesky launched a High School Technology Competition Program during the summer of 2019 whereby all high schools of Tutuila and Manu’a were invited to apply for funds to go towards any technological project that improves learning through technology, promotes an interest and awareness of careers in technology, or a project that utilizes technology to benefit the high school student body. A total of 11 high schools were selected to receive a financial award towards their school’s technological project or initiative.

Bluesky is also a part of  the American Samoa Community College’s (ASCC) Computer Science Advisory Council in the development of a two-year Associates Degree in Computer Science, which was nonexistent in previous years. The two-year degree program was launched the Fall of 2018 and has continued since. The program includes an apprenticeship prior to graduation which Bluesky supports by allowing computer science students to work and gain hands on technical experience with the various technical teams. It is also the Company’s goal to groom and hire junior technicians through this partnership with ASCC.

Customer First

Bluesky’s key focus has always been ‘Customer First’ in all initiatives and actions set forth this year. This is also the company’s foremost core value. This will involve the continuous improvement of product quality to be superior to that of the competitor, offering an array of innovative products that customers want, and delighting our customers through quality service delivery in every touch point with customers.

Bluesky’s philosophy is to not just get customers to buy Bluesky but to create an emotional connection with and make people believe in Bluesky as a brand. When we launch products and promotions and fostering community relationships, we are building on people’s aspirations and dreams.

Trouble calls?

If you’re having problems connecting with your WiFi pass call *311 from your Bluesky phone or 699-2759