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Why should your business stop when you leave the country? Take your business with you, and stay on top of everything despite the distance! Keep in touch wherever you are, put the flexibility of data roaming to the test, whether on vacation or traveling abroad for business, data roaming will keep you ahead of the curve.

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Affordable Roaming Plans

$2 Plan


Data Only

Validity - 24 hrs

$4 Plan


Only Data

Validity - 24 hrs

$6 Plan


Only Data

Validity - 5 days

$10 Plan


Only Data

Validity - 5 days

$25 Plan New


Data Only

Validity - 15 days

$35 Plan New


Data Only

Validity - 15 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Roaming is the ability for mobile customers to make & receive calls, SMS messages & utilize the data in Samoa with the convenience of using their local Samoa SIM card.

When using prepaid mobile, just add eCharge, purchase a data bundle then travel to Samoa and begin roaming.
Postpaid costumers can use roaming anywhere in the USA depending on the monthly plan subscribed.

For more information on roaming locations, please call *711 for more information.

• Email
• Access the Bluesky website and chat
• Call +6846992759

You can echarge online by accessing our Bluesky website and click on "eCharge"

Roaming Terms and Conditions:
Valid only for prepaid and capped plan customers. To access roaming services in Samoa, your mobile device must be compatible with the network technology offered in Samoa. Offer is applicable for Bluesky Prepaid and Capped Plan customers only. Data roaming will only work for data, no voice or sms. Data Roaming bundles will be available for Samoa only. Roaming bundle may be purchased on MyBluesky app or USSD Menu. To make and receive calls while roaming, customer must echarge their number prior to traveling. Data Roaming bundle will be activated once you a receive a confirmation text message. Bluesky reserves the right to end or amend this promotion at any given time.

Your family and friends can simply dial your Bluesky number as they would at anytime.

To call your prepaid number when in Samoa you would need to dial 01684 and then your local number at home.

To call your family and friends from Samoa, you will need to dial 01684 and then your local number at home.

Yes, family and friends can send you eCharge from any local store in American Samoa or online.


The term used when using data on a mobile network abroad.

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