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November 1, 2021

Bluesky sponsors 2nd Annual Pacific Roots Open Mic (PROM)

Since its founding in 1999, one of Bluesky’s primary commitments has been to be a company that is of and for the American Samoa community, and Bluesky’s dedication to community is especially strong when it comes to empowering our community’s youth. In line with this commitment, Bluesky has opted to be the major sponsor for this year’s Pacific Roots Open Mic (P.R.O.M.) Showcase, an event aimed at empowering American Samoa’s youth through creative performance such as song, dance, poetry, and much more.

This will be P.R.O.M.’s second annual showcase, as well as the second time that Bluesky has opted to be a major sponsor – with their showcase last year being a major success and generating, not only large crowds, but also much-needed conversation about difficult issues that the youth are facing today. P.R.O.M.’s mission has been “to engage in powerful alternative strategies to promote better health, self-confidence, and positive relationships by providing the local youth with safe spaces, where they are allowed to hone or practice their creativity in any way, shape, or form”, and Bluesky is honored to be playing a major role in accomplishing this mission.
The 2nd Annual P.R.O.M. Showcase will be held at the Rex Lee Auditorium on Saturday, October 16th at 6:30 PM.

“Bluesky is so honored and proud to be working with P.R.O.M. and its trailblazing leaders, Tamiano Gurr and Traci Porotesano, for the second year running. We’re excited to experience the beautiful, powerful performances that are to come, and we wish the best of luck to all those performing,” says Justin Tuiasosopo, Bluesky Chief Executive Officer.


The winner for this year’s PROM Competition is none other than Bluesky’s very own Emmanuel “Manny” Ve’ave’a. Malo lava Manny, and congratulations on the winning piece!