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August 25, 2021

Bluesky family day – 2021

August 21st, 2021 was a fun-filled day as Bluesky hosted a “Family Day” for its employees and their families. The day, forecasted to have moderate showers, was bright with little clouds to be seen in the sky. The weather was PERFECT!

Employees were divided evenly into 4 different groups, each with their own captains they themselves selected, and mascot (selected by Family Day Committee).

Committee decided to take the employees back to the roots, and used the regular chores, and made them into games. These games included basket weaving, banana peeling, coconut husking; and then there were your usual go-to’s: boat paddling, tug of war, and volleyball. The committee also made very sure that all kids were included and participated in the event. Aside from having 2 extra-large water slides, a bouncy house, and FREE UNLIMITED ICE-CREAM, games like musical chairs and junior tug of war also kept the kids active.

Although there was a little bit of friendly competition, it was great to see everyone having fun and making the most of the fellowship while it lasted. Family Day 2021 is definitely one for the books.

A VERY big fa’amalo and fa’afetai out to the Family Day Committee for putting up such a great event for the Bluesky Aiga.


  • Sinoti Taai Salavea
  • Lisa Gebauer
  • Sherry Sele
  • Gina Travers
  • Wailani Slade
  • Norma Lefiti
  • Dave Vaita
  • Pasene Nanai
  • Lance Fiaui
  • Federico Mario