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Caller Tunes is a feature that allows the customer to select a song to play in place of a standard ring tone.


How do I subscribe?

Dial 350 and follow the voice prompts to preview and pick your preferred genre and song.


 How do I unsubscribe?

Once you have subscribed to a Caller Tune, dial 350 and follow the voice prompts to unsubscribe.


What if I picked the wrong song?

You will need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to correct song.


How do I find out content?

A content list will be available on the Caller Tunes menu when you Dial 350 and follow voice prompts, but you can also view the list on on our website here or our Facebook page.


When does the Caller Tune expire?

The Caller Tune will expire exactly 30 days after purchase and will auto renew on day 31 if customer does not unsubscribe.

How often do I get charged?

Calls to 350 will be charged at $0.10 per minute.

To subscribe to a caller tune, you will be charged $2.49.

After 30 days, it will auto renew and deduct $0.99 from your balance.  If customers balance is less than $0.99, you will be charged $0.30 to auto renew for 1 week.

If customers balance is less than $0.30, you will be charged  $0.05 to auto renew for 1 day. The Caller Tune will continue to automatically renew until customer unsubscribes.


Will I be notified before charges are made for auto renew?

Yes. SMS notifications will be sent on day 28 & day 30 prior to auto renewing on day 31.


How do I change the song?

To change your Caller Tune, you must dial 350 to unsubscribe to your current Caller Tune. Then Dial 350 to subscribe to your new Caller Tune.

Description Price
Rate Per Minute $0.10
Subscribe $2.49
Unsubscribe FREE
SMS Confirmation FREE