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BASIC PACKAGE (56 local & network channels)
Monthly charge per Box
Extended Basic (First box included) $55.99
Extended Basic (Additional box included) $28.00
Add-Ons to Basic Package
Starz Movies & Encore (12 Channels)
First Box $9.99
TFC (3 Channels)
First Box $7.99
 HBO (6 Channels)
First Box $18.99
CINEMAX (4 Channels)
First Box $14.99
Sports (2 channels)
First Box $4.00
NFL Redzone (1 Channel) Full Season Pass
One Time Payment $59.00
(Limited to first 500 customers only)
Internet Over Cable (2-Way Broadband)
GOLD with Basic package service only $70.00
PLATINUM with Basic package service only $105.00
Miscellaneous Price
Site Visits (Cable or 2-way installation; additional outlets; relocations) $50.00
Late Payment Reconnection $10.00
Late Payment Reconnection over 3 months $50.00
Replacement Remote Control $20.00
*Any reconnection request after 60 days will be considered a new installation
Additional cable (50+ft. for inside cabling) $50.00
Additional Outlet (separate visit) $50.00
Outside Drop Relocation (Requires field work/site visit. Applies to Relocation within house or to an area within 50 feet of the existing house. All relocations beyond will be treated as New Installs) $50.00
Remote control $20.00
Wireless Router $99.00
Service Charge (to reset Set Top Box Password) $10.00
Maintenance Site Visit fee per hour (1 hour minimum) $10.00

Updated: October 2017