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WiFi technology is a convenient and inexpensive way to access the internet across wide areas. BlueSky has over 20 WiFi hotspots or Bluezones located in main business areas, the airport, restaurants, hotels and other public areas around Tutuila. People are able to access the internet using a laptop computer or WiFi capable mobile device from these various places.

WiFi passes as well as WiFi capable phones and laptops are available for purchase at our Laufou store.

How to get online with Bluezone?

To access the internet from one of our Bluezones you need a WiFi pass which will give you a username and password to access the internet. You can purchase a WiFi pass from BlueSky’s Laufou store, or at most Bluezone locations. You also have the option to purchase your WiFi pass online by selecting the credit card option on the BlueSky WiFi login page –

Once you are in one of our WiFi hotspots

1. Check that you have enabled/ turned on WiFi on your computer or mobile device.

2. View all available wireless networks and the BlueSky WiFi connection should be visible.

3. Select “Connect” to BlueSky WiFi and you should be connected.

4. Once you’re connected, open a web browser and you should automatically be directed to the BlueSky WiFi login page.

5. Enter your username and password and click “Login” (This information is found on your prepaid WiFi pass, for BlueSky ISP Customer’s it is your username and password).

6. Once your username and password are authenticated, you can proceed with using the internet.


Trouble calls?

If you’re having problems connecting with your WiFi pass call *311 from your BlueSky phoneor 699-2759.

WiFi Passes

Wifi passes are available in the following denominations from our Bluesky store at Laufou, from various Bluezone locations or online at the Bluesky Wifi Login page. Clock begins from first time of use.

Bluezone Pass Price Validity Data Bundle (GB)
Day Pass $3 24 Hours 1GB
Day Pass Plus $5 2 Days 2GB
Week Pass $10 7 5GB
Week Pass Plus $15 7 7GB
Month Pass $25 30 9GB
Month Pass Plus $35 30 12GB


Current BlueSky WiFi Hotspots

American Samoa Community College, Malaeimi

A&E Cafe

Carl’s Jr, Nu’uuli

Deluxe Cafe, Tafuna

Dont Drink the Water Cafe – Utulei

Executive Office Building (Government building), Utulei

Kokobean, Nu’uuli

L.B.J. Hospital, Faga’alu

Laufou Shopping Center, Nu’uuli

Lee Auditorium, Utulei

Lions Park & Industrial Park, Tafuna

Lumana’i bldg, Fagatogo

Night Hawk – Iliili

McDonalds Restaurant, Fagatogo

McDonalds Restaurant, Tafuna

Moso’oi Business Center

Pago Pago Airport Inn, Tafuna

Pago Pago Bay Area

Executive Office Building, Utulei

Tafuna International Airport, Tafuna

Tradewinds Hotel, Ottoville

Tropical Chicken, Tafuna

Tropical Pizza, Tafuna

Veterans Stadium, Tafuna