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March 10, 2021


The Samsung Galaxy S21 feels as though it’s had as much taken away as it has upgraded. The Galaxy S range has been a do-everything, have-everything sort of flagship for years, so it certainly seems like this is a recipe for disaster. But, as it turns out, Samsung has produced an excellent Android smartphone that’s a good $200 cheaper than its predecessor, the Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy S21 packs in a 6.2-inch display, a trio of rear cameras, and the same 4,000 mAh battery, so it doesn’t feel like much of an upgrade. Sure it may come with the new camera module design and color schemes, plus Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. That doesn’t stop the Galaxy S21 coming across as a textbook iterative upgrade. Because all the big changes came in the Galaxy S21 Ultra this time around.

For people holding on to the Galaxy S10 or an older phone, the new Dynamic AMOLED display, improved cameras and better software all combine to make the Galaxy S21 a rather compelling flagship phone at an attractive size and price. Keep reading our Samsung Galaxy S21 review to find out why taking stuff away has worked out rather well for Samsung’s new flagship phone.